Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Morning

My damp Earl Grey tea bag lay limp in my cup. It's a retro cup & saucer with turquoise diamonds that point toward the sky like star beams. My paramour arrived in Japan today, probably sleeping off the flight where he read page after page of Dickens' Nicholas Nickleby. It's raining here in the opposite hemisphere, but the moisture has brought warmth, and the chirp of birds from a branch brushing the nearby window pane. A winsome weekend spent in Savannah has inspiration seeping from my fingers. I've birthed 4 new jewelry creations yesterday, and I shall begin the layout for a journal in a few moments...

J'adore the humor in French commercials. Here is disco Friday~Vendredi!

Enjoy this treasury of quirky, brainy, cutesy Valentine gifts for your main squeeze! 

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