Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Art of Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain

As months go by since my return from Spain, I've been recounting my wanderings around El Puerto de Santa Maria, named after The Santa Maria which Columbus set sale upon from this quaint port city. One not-so-bustling day I meandered down Calle Virgen de los Milagros to Palacios which led to the tranquil Plaza Espana. There I visited the Museo Arqueológico Municipal for free! In addition to their archaeological display which included an impressive mammoth tusk and sacrificial human remains, I had the pleasure of seeing beautiful pastels and engravings by Ricardo Serny, modernist paintings by Eulogio Varela and Enrique Ochoa, romantic paintings by Fransisco Lamayer, and a collection of erotic medals by Manolo Prieto. In my wanderlust I quietly and curiously took the  elegant stairway to the second floor unnoticed and overlooked the square. I ambled up to the art studios on the third floor and got a full sense of the building. Upon my descent the maid informed me that these were private quarters. "Lo Siento,"  I replied with a smile. People are so relaxed in Spain. Had I intruded on a private area in a stateside museum, I most likely would have at least been detained by security. Yet, before I knew it siesta had creeped up on the day again. I snapped photos of some wonderful works of Spanish art as well as the second and third floor areas of the museum to share with you!
Student Art